Delete Users

You can delete users. When you delete a user, you can choose whether to transfer content to a new owner.


  1. From the side navigation, go to Start of the navigation path Security Next navigation step  UsersEnd of the navigation path, and select the user ID you want to delete by selecting the check box in the leftmost column of the table.
  2. Choose (Delete) from the toolbar.
  3. Choose what to do with user content.
    • Transfer all content to another user: private, public, and shared content will be transferred to a new owner. Model and connection ownership will also be transferred to the new owner.
    • Delete private files and only transfer public and shared content: public and shared content will be transferred to a new owner. All private content that is not shared will be deleted.

    By default, only users assigned to the Admin or BI Admin roles can allow the transfer of content when a user is deleted. To create a new role or modify an existing role that includes this feature, you must add the Ownership of Content permission to the role. For more information, see Create Custom Roles.

    Any model permissions, or connections that content depends on, are not modified when a new owner is assigned.

  4. Select a user to transfer the content to.
  5. Select OK to continue and remove the user from the system.