Using Tuple Filters for Charts and Tables

In SAP Analytics Cloud, you can create filters on data from multiple dimensions.


You can use Advanced Filtering to create tuple filters (filters that include different dimensions), or you can select the dimensions from the chart or table and create a filter.

After the filter is created, it is added to the Filters section of the Builder panel.


  1. In Edit mode, select Designer to open the Builder panel.
  2. In your story, select either a chart or table widget.
  3. Drill down to a lower level on one or more dimensions:
    • In a table, use the arrows in the table cells to drill down.
    • In a chart, select (Set Drill) and choose a hierarchy level for each dimension.
  4. Select two values from two different levels, right-click one of them and then choose (Filter).


Only the selected data is visible now.

Next Steps

To view the specific details of the filters, select the filter and then select Applies filter conditions to. You can then use the Advanced Filtering dialog to view or change the filter.